An Apostille Stamp

An apostille stamp is a seal embossed into your document or certificate to show its authenticity. It is issued by the Department of foreign affairs. The apostille applies to all countries signed up under the Hague convention. Ireland is part of the Hague convention.

Death Notification Form

It is imperative that a Death Notification Form is filled out by the next of kin of the deceased in order to get a death certificate.

This form is only available from the doctor who attended the deceased be it in a hospital or at home. The cause of death is filled out by the doctor on one side and the next of kin fill out the other side with all the personal details of the deceased. It can then be brought to the civil registration office along with a valid ID and a death cert can be issued.

In the event that the death involves a coroner, this form is not needed by the next of kin. Instead, the coroner will issue an interim death cert so the administration of the estate can proceed. Eventually, the coroner will be responsible for the registering of the death cert. He or she will then let the family of the deceased know when it is registered and then the family can proceed to purchase the real death cert. It is a long process when a coroner is involved.

The Right to Know

Every person should have the right to know who their parents were. It may seem obvious but for many years in Ireland people who were adopted, did not enjoy that privilege.

Fortunately, their time has come. President Higgins has signed the Birth information and Tracing Act 2022. Persons who were adopted and in certain care arrangements or who were the subject of incorrect birth registrations can now form part of a register made available by the Adoption Authority and the Child and Family agency to trace their birth family and gain medical information which was denied to them for so long.

The civil registration act of 2004 will be amended accordingly. The register will open in October 2022. Be sure to register.