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NB:Accurate information is essential. Government marriage certificates Ireland can be obtained from 1920.

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General Information on getting married in Ireland

Please note that the information offered on this website is merely a guideline and relates to some of the legal requirements for a valid marriage in this State. Furthermore, if you decide to marry through a religious ceremony then you need to discuss the religious requirements with the Priest/Celebrant of your marriage. At the time of research this information is true and relevant however, should you notice any updates / errors or omissions, please let us know!

Getting married in Ireland

If one party to a marriage has a birth cert outside of Ireland they will need the longform from their country. If it is not in english, it will need to be translated. It will also need an apostille stamp from their respective country. If one party to the marriage has been married previously they will also need their decree absolute divorce papers.

The Marriage Provision of the Civil Registration Act 2004 was enacted into law on the 5th November 2007 states that:

  • Marriage in a church service or a civil service is a civil contract. Marriage certs can only be obtained in the country you get married in
  • Both civil and church weddings require giving notifications to the Civil Registrar at any civil registrations office. See for offices countrywide
  • For church weddings, you also need to contact the religious denomination you follow on advice on procedures they need you to fulfill.
  • You must be 18 years or older under the Family Law Act 1995
  • Three months notice must be given to marry in the Republic of Ireland

Generally, the couple are asked to provide:

  • Passport
  • Proof of address – utility bill or bank statement
  • Fee of €200, check with the local registration office
  • Birth cert. longform version. An apostille stamp should appear on the birthcert if not issued in the Republic of Ireland
  • If either party were married previously they will require the original final decree
  • If widowed, a death cert of the previous spouse
  • In the Republic of Ireland, your tax number, commonly known as your PPS number

Irish getting married abroad

You may need to obtain a letter of freedom from the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs. Contact the Department of Foreign Affairs to find out if this is applicable to you.

Wherever you may live we will provide a quick and efficient service to you once you have given us your request and please ensure all information is correct.

The information given above is for informational purposes only. For full details of procedures please visit

Having your longform original birth certificate is mandatory by the Registration authority.

A period of three months notice is to be given to the State prior to the date of marriage for a civil wedding.

Civil ceremonies can be held in the registry office, hotels, or in venues approved by the HSE and the couple.

Please refer to the official HSE website for more details on this at

For all church weddings in Ireland an original birth cert is required.

A period of three months notice is to be given to the State prior to the date of marriage.

A marriage preparation course is mandatory for all church weddings and advice may be gotten at